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Do You Need to Prepare Your Furnace for Summer?

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As the seasons change, so do the maintenance needs of the HVAC system in your home or business. While air conditioning maintenance gets most of the attention when the weather heats up, it’s a good idea to think of your home heating and cooling systems as a single unit that requires year-round care and attention. After all, you want your home to be comfortable no matter what the season.

But with warmer weather on the way, you may be wondering if you need to *DO* anything to get your furnace ready for summer. In some cases, the requirements of your HVAC system in the spring will vary, depending on how well it was prepared for fall and winter. Confused? Don’t worry; we can help!

Furnace Service Components Work All Year

Many homeowners associate the furnace with the large piece of equipment tucked away in the home, and the air conditioner as the outdoor cooling unit. That’s not really the case, especially in modern HVAC systems. In most cases, the furnace and air conditioning system share a single air handler. That’s why it is important to have it serviced in both the spring and the fall, to ensure indoor comfort at any time of year.

During a semi-annual HVAC inspection, a qualified technician will check bearings and belts, lubricate moving parts, and inspect electrical connections. Taking the time to have these simple, relatively inexpensive maintenance activities performed can help prevent the need for a more serious repair when you least expect it.

Furnace Filters Also Require Year-Round Attention

Another frequently misnamed piece of equipment in the home is the furnace filter. It’s actually a filter for the air-handler, which means that it also needs to be inspected and replaced in the warmer months of the year. Every 30-90 days is the recommended schedule, depending on the dust levels in your home and whether or not you have pets.

A qualified heating and air conditioning repair specialist can help to evaluate your HVAC system maintenance needs based on the age of the system and the unique conditions in your home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what you can do yourself to help preserve the conditions of your home heating and cooling system.

Kelly’s Climate Control is a family-owned business in Kelowna, BC, providing expert service for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems. Contact us for prompt, professional service – even in an emergency!

Air Conditioning in Kelowna Provides you with the Ideal Temperatures

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The mere fact that the world is getting warmer and that Summer days are hotter than they were in the 1950’s is reason enough to start preparing to keep yourself cool in the hot days that lie ahead. Hot sweaty brows, a red face, sweat stains and low energy levels can impair your performance during the day and there are physical hazards connected to working in an environment with high temperatures.

There are lots of things you can do to prepare your air con for the Summer but a professional will need to check the coolant level.  Air conditioning Kelowna experts are being inundated with queries on the different size air conditioning units for the upcoming Summer and from people who want their air cons serviced. In Kelowna the hottest months are from June to September and air conditioning  in the valley becomes a must have item to keep homes and offices cool and comfortable. Areas with the highest humidity in Kelowna are those parts along the lake-shore.

Get Your Air Conditioner Checked Out

Without servicing your air con, you may find Summer unbearably hot and worse is having an air conditioner that doesn’t work. A reputable air conditioning company will check your air conditioner for a dirty air filter because this can cause your air con to have to work harder, resulting in higher electricity bills. A clogged condensate drain line will mean your air con can’t remove humidity from the air.

Be Comfortable All Year Round

Don’t wait for the Spring to suddenly give way to hot days and you are not prepared. Air conditioning retailers and wholesalers offer a range of energy-efficient and reliable air conditioning units and services in and around Kelowna. During the hot summer months these air conditioners can make a wonderful difference, and you can buy a unit that heats and cools, providing comfort for every day of the year.Air conditioning Kelowna specialists know their customers expect air conditioners which are affordable, efficient and easy to repair and maintain. They offer a variety of air conditioners with different warranties which vary according to the manufacturer, with some manufacturers  offering a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Bring Your Air Conditioner Down to Size

When looking for an air conditioner, you need to consider the area you want cooled; your entire home or office or just one room? Portable air conditioning units are an excellent choice if you just want to cool one room as they can be moved from one room to the next. Other kinds of air conditioners are ductless mini split systems, window units,  geothermal and evaporative coolers among others.

Energy Efficiency is a Regulation

Air conditioning Kelowna experts will tell you that the higher efficiency units come with special features like the compressor’s motors running on direct current(DC) instead of the regular alternating current(AC). This means the air conditioning unit matches the exact cooling requirements of the home and saves energy. In Canada, air conditioners are covered under Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations of 1995. These regulations are designed to assist Canadians with saving money as well as to protect the environment. All air cons in Canada must meet minimum efficiency standards which also specify the minimum seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) for your central air-conditioning unit.
Surviving the Summer

Temperatures are rising and its time to either service your air conditioner or to upgrade it. Air conditioning Kelowna professionals are waiting by to ensure your air con is properly installed, properly repaired or maintained to ensure you can face the coming hot days without dread.

Maintaining your Air Conditioner for Efficiency and Longer Life

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Air conditioning is the process of changing some properties of air, majorly air humidity and air temperature from less desirable to more desirable and distributing it to an occupied area, for example, an office. This is mainly done to improve the comfort of the occupants in that particular area. Generally, air conditioning can be referred to as any technological process that involves the cooling or heating, humidification or de-humidification, cleaning, and ventilating that improves or modifies the conditions of air.
Air Conditioners or A/Cs
An air conditioner is a system designed to alter the properties of air within a particular area and at a specified time. These systems majorly change the humidity and temperature of air. They are at times used for heating or cooling depending on the real properties of air at that particular time.
An air conditioner uses a simple refrigeration cycle to cool the air and at times simple evaporation is employed. This is mainly done to provide cooling comfort in motor vehicles and in buildings. Air conditioning in Kelowna has fully embarrassed the use of A/C systems for air conditioning in residential places, offices, and hotels.
It is important to note that air conditioners have coils, fins and filters that need regular checkup and maintenance. Neglecting air conditioning maintenance steadily reduces the performance of your air conditioner while at the same time increasing its energy consumption. Below is a clear description of all of these parts and how they can be maintained.
An Air Conditioner Filter
This is the most crucial component of your air conditioner. It is important to make sure that you routinely clean or replace your filters to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner. Air filters mainly get clogged with dirt and this reduces effective air flow, hence, reducing you’re A/Cs performance significantly.
With the normal air passage blocked, any air that manages to go through the clogged filter carry’s dirt with it to the evaporator. The dirt the coats the evaporator coils reducing their capability to absorb heat effectively. Replacing and cleaning clogged filters has greatly boosted air conditioning in Kelowna by reducing energy consumption by 6% to 14%.

An Air Conditioner Coil
Air conditioner condenser and evaporator coils collect dirt over their years and months of service. A good and clean filter reduces the chances of this happening fast. However, the coils will still collect dirt. This dirt coats their lining and reduces their heat absorbing capability.
It is important to make sure that you check on the coils every year and make sure that you clean them.  Additionally, try and minimize debris and dirt near your condenser unit.
An Air Conditioner Fin
These are aluminum fins located on the evaporator and condenser coils. They can easily bend and cause blockage of airflow through the coils. It is important to have a fin comb so as to comb these fins back to their original positions.
It is important to constantly check on the parts of your air conditioner. This will ensure that it is properly maintained to serve you better and save on your energy consumption.

Heating Kelowna Experts Give you Carefree Basement Warmth and Comfort

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Kelowna is located in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada and people love visiting the area because the lovely warm Summers and mild Winters mean that all favorite outdoor activities can be enjoyed the whole year round. Some people prefer the cooler Winter months which are roughly between December and February. During this time there are times when the weather can get downright chilly, and Heating Kelowna experts are always available to explain the variety of heating systems that will suit different size homes and offices. Many homes in Kelowna have basements which are a welcome addition because they increase living space significantly, particularly when they are converted into cozy family rooms for relaxing.
Excellent Advice and After-Sales Service
Issues around configuring the ductwork as well as efficiently calculating the heating load for a basement will often result in homeowners hiring the services of a reputable HVAC professional. These experts can help you with issues such as calculating heating load and size and configuration of ductwork. They will answer any queries and deal with maintenance issues after the sale has been concluded.
A good heating system can reduce your heating costs significantly. The design of any house is important for fitting heating because of the energy efficiency factor. You want to make sure your basement is completely draft-proof before having a heating system sized and installed.
What Heating Source Suits Your Basement?
Once your basement is completely insulated, the next step is selecting your heating source which can be either wood, gas, oil or electricity. Canada doesn’t allow for the installation of a ventless gas fireplace because of the possibility of a carbon monoxide build up. Homeowners need to always check their local building codes before investing in any heating appliances. Heating Kelowna experts have knowledge on every heating system there is and they know that cost is a major determining factor along with maintenance and noise of operation. They will be able to give you an estimate of the capital costs of each different heating system.
The inexpensive Initial Cost of Electric Baseboard
The cost effectiveness of electric baseboard heaters have meant most electrically heated homes in Canada opting for this type of heating. Costs linked to the installation of any heating system will include connection to electric power line or gas line for instance, whether or chimney or venting system will be required, thermostats and controls and well as cost of drilling for earth-energy systems among others.
Don’t Buy on Impulse – Check Features
These days selecting the cleanest energy source has become an important factor, and a common type of central heating Kelowna system used in Canada today is the forced-air system where a furnace is the heat source. The beauty of this kind of oil or gas heating system is that apart from heating, the room, they can be relied on for reliability.An important feature is that the automatic humidifier control adjusts to the weather outside to ensure an even and steady flow warm air in your basement and up to other parts of your house. Other useful features include a cleanable filter, the ability for remote programming and monitoring, multi speed blower motors which work quietly and a system which meets and exceeds government standards for efficiency.
Unbiased Heating Advice
Basements that aren’t insulated properly will be chilly, damp and have mildew. Insulating the basement properly will reduce heat loss, and heating Kelowna experts are able to look at your basement and offer you several heating options as well as advice on each one in order to maximize both warmth and comfort.

Heating Your Home In Kelowna

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Every homeowner in Kelowna will undoubtedly be troubled when the cold season reckons.This especially takes a huge toll on those whose homes are not well heated as the cold not only render their homes uncomfortable but also make them a nightmare to host friends and relative.This why every resident of Kelowna must consider installing a heating system in his home to ensure that this is very well taken care of.
But what is it all about heating your home you residents of Kelowna?What factors should you consider before and when procuring a system to heat up your home?And what options do you have when it comes to heating your home in Kelowna?
When settling for a new heating system, several factors that should be put into consideration and include the following:
(a)Fuel Type or Energy Source
When deciding on a fuel type to use , one should first determine which fuels are readily available in Kelowna and the relative cost attached to their use. Morever,one can engage the services of a professional heating contractor to  help you with some reasonable operating cost estimates for a variety of fuels and  energy sources.
The higher the efficiency of a cooking system, the less it will cost to operate it in your home in Kelowna.
(c)Overall Cost
When considering the overall cost of a system,one has to not only consider the initial cost of buying and acquiring the system but also have to put into consideration the operational as well as maintainance  costs associated with the specific heating system.This information will go a long way in ensuring that one only use a cost-efficient heating system.
(d)Distribution System
Most heating  systems in Kelowna use forced air or hot water in circulation to distribute the heat all around and  through out the home.These system use boilers to heat water which is then circulated through copper or  sometimes plastic piping.Depending on your preferences,you should be able to get your home well heated.
When considering heating your home in Kelowna ,you will more often than not encounter the following types:
These works by blowing hot  heated air through an extensive sytem of pipes.They frequently run on a variety  of fuel though but natural gas, oil, and electricity tend to be  commonest of energy sources available in Kelowna.
(b)Boilers and Radiator systems
These systems works by moving heat into your home via a radiant heating system without the use of ducts or pipes like the case with furnaces.
(c)Heat Pumps
These systems of heating works by using refrigerants to absorb the heat from outside source and by use of a heat exchanger,they successfully transfers this heat inside.This ensures your home in Kelowna remain heated through out and as long as you want it.Of all the most common home heaters ,this has been constantly reviewed by home owners in Kelowna to be the most efficient and cost saving as it can be used with minimal maintenance costs.
Now that is the gist of all you may need to know when heating your home in Kelowna.I hope this information was useful to you.

Why you should go for professionals when heating and conditioning your home in Kelowna

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It is necessary for residents of Kelowna to install various heating and air-conditioning systems in their houses so as to make their environment suitable and comfortable.Since these systems may at one point break down and need to be maintained ,one must seek to involve a credible professional when installing them so as to ensure they do not always break down or even when they do,to ensure the owner incur very minimal cost to bring them back to life.
Why professionals when heating Kelowna?
For all those residents of Kelowna who are seeking to get their homes installed with heat ,air-conditioning as well as furnaces,it is critical they you seek an expert to give you these services because:
(a)Proper Functioning-Installation of components of an air-conditioner, for instance,requires that they be installed in the right order.Should one one of them be installed improperly,the whole system will be unable to function or end up malfunctioning.A professional contractor will be able to install and verify if all the components will be functioning s they should.This helps reduce inefficiencies as these machines and systems consume reasonable amount of electrical power.
(b)Safety and Security while in use-Since most of these system require electrical power to be in operational ,it is not in doubt that a faulty connection can culminate into serious safety compromises.When this happens ,the safety of the user too become compromised and may results even in electrical fires which may lead to damage of property and eventual loss of lives from accidents.A professional contractor should thus be engaged so as to provide professional installations.
(c)Preventing Damage-When a family fail to engage professional contractors when heating Kelowna homes, chances of hiring an unqualified personel run high.This increases the risk of the system getting damaged as these unqualified persons may not fully understand the systems.This would not only lead to damage and need for replacement which may turn out to be expensive .
(d)Longer Service-Professional installing systems to heat homes in Kelowna fully understands the best systems to install to client’s homes and as such ,they would recommend to them,only those that would last longer.In additional ,experienced contractors will be able to install the components professionally ensuring that the client derive maximum service from the systems.
(e)Quick Service-Since qualified contractors have most probably been in the practice for long ,it is expected that they have learned how to value listen to their clients.This ensure that anytime the user of systems for heating and air-conditioning in Kelowna need them,they are able to respond swiftly and serve him quickly.This is contrary to engaging unqualified contractors whose sole interest is to get money out of the resident.These quacks end up taking for granted even the critical of details when making your installing and therefore ending up compromising not only your systems but also your entire home.
Therefore ,if planning to heat your home in Kelowna ,make sure you seek the services of professionals around to help you do the installations.

Preventive Maintenance: An absolute Necessity for Furnaces, Air conditioning Units and Heating Systems

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Amenities of the Modern Home
Of the many amenities there is, air conditioning, furnaces and heating systems grace the modern homes with the equanimity one normally sees from chandeliers or fireplaces. They may not be majestic in their projection upon the interior décor or ambience but they outclass every other device meant to enhance the comfort of the householder.
Principle of Operation
Air in an enclosed space could be very hot or very cold. When it is hot, one uses air conditioning or air cooler to lower the temperature. The heat passes out through cooling pipes and cool air passes inside the room.
Similarly, when the room is too cold, hot air passes inside through the tubes. Cold air goes out and the room becomes warm. Furnaces use electrical elements to produce the required heat.
The whole thing hinges on compressing and decompressing a gas that transfers the heat back and forth. This produces a wear and tear on the machine. If one is not careful, the gas could leak out through worn out piping and cause accidents.
Progress of room air conditioning devices
First air conditioning machines were window type units that one installed in the window or a hole in the wall. One placed the hot air section facing outwards. The cooling unit was kept facing the inside of the room.
From there, one progressed to the ductless air conditioning units. That used tubing to convey the hot and cold air and thus provided a greater scope for diversity. One did not have the hum of the machine in the room; one only enjoyed the ambient luxury of cool air.
Heating units functioned the same way but in the opposite manner. One had to replace the electrical filaments once they burnt out through over use or through voltage fluctuations. For heating coils that used gas, the infrastructure was larger and used more tubes.
Internal parts of an air conditioning unit
The evaporator filled with refrigerant provides the means for cooling air while the condenser works to convert the gas into liquid. The fans provided keep the air circulating. There are belts provided sometimes and wires connect all the parts together. A pump will keep the gas moving between the evaporator and the condenser. A filter placed between the outlet for the cooled air and the blower helps prevent dust and mites from entering the room. This gets dirty very fast and needs frequent cleaning.
For those who use heating coils in their houses, one should be careful to see that the coils have not worn out. If they have, then the chances of gas escaping through these will make it explode. They have a long life if one keeps a check on their condition.
Utility value of Preventive Maintenance
To ensure complete safety and to avoid unnecessary expenses one can invest in preventive maintenance. This involves having a qualified electrical technician check up your air conditioning units or heating units on a periodic basis. They attend to any small cracks or signs that indicate wear or damage. This prevents any major disaster from taking place.

Improved Living Standards with Air conditioning for the homes
Life has become pleasant due to these lovely innovations. One must use them responsibly if one wants years of continued pleasure. Do not assume that non-moving machinery will not wear out; they also need care and attention as time passes.

Heating Kelowna Ensures Regular Heat Pump Care by Trained Professional

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Kelowna is situated on Okanagan Lake in Canada, and because the city has a climate made up of dry, sunny Summers and cold, overcast winters, the people appreciate having heat pumps, whether air-source or geothermal, which provide both heating and cooling. This ensures their all-round comfort no matter the time of year. Heating Kelowna is all about selecting a heat pump which will suit the size of your home, has excellent efficiency ratings, is the right size for your home, is selected from a well known and reliable brand and from a reputable company who will ensure a faultless installation.  Proper installations and annual maintenance services are actually becoming a necessity for validity of manufacturers warranties.

Efficiency is Reduced without Regular Maintenance
A faultless installation equals less maintenance. Heating Kelowna experts know that heat pumps are complex systems; requiring proper installation to avoid costly repairs. Most of the leading brand manufacturers will suggest you take out an annual maintenance and inspection contract with them which will ensure minimum repair costs and also increase the life-span of the heat pump.

Some Repairs can be Done by Yourself
Technicians will advise homeowners on how to refer to the booklet which comes with the new appliance before calling for professional help. Homeowners will be able to find out how to keep compressor coils and filters clean, how to ensure the right refrigerant is used and how to check for duct-work leaks and electrical connections.  This ultimately leads to long-life and minimal repair costs. A reputable company always has licensed and certified technicians who understand air source and ductless heat pump systems and who understand how important it is for a proper installation and for efficient and regular maintenance checks.  It is important therefore that the heat pump be installed in such a way so that a technician has room to work on the unit. Heating Kelowna specialists will ensure that with proper maintenance your heat pump should last for some 20 to 30 years.

Choose Heat pumps which are Energy Efficient
Using a heat pump in Canada as part of your heating and cooling system can cut your heating costs, more so when you have an energy efficient heat pump.  Heat pumps have a reversing valve which moves heat from inside your home to the outside for cooling purposes. When the reverse happens, heat is removed from outside the house to indoors and is in heating mode. Higher efficiency means lower energy costs in the long run if your heat pump is in good repair.
Canadian regulations require that all new heat pumps have a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of at least 13.0, however there are heat pumps which have a SEER rating of 21. Bear in mind that the cooling- and heating efficiency of an air-source heat pump for instance will be affected by the choice of features of the heat pump.  Efficiency is limited if your home has leaks and heating Kelowna maintenance contracts ensure heat pumps remain constantly energy efficient.

Contractors Often Use a Point System for Fault Checking
It is unusual for clients to have problems with a good brand heat pump, and an annual maintenance check; often on a point heat pump inspection system to ensure thoroughness, is included in service contracts to ensure the heat pump runs at maximum efficiency while you are its satisfied owner.

Why Maintenance for Heat Pumps Require Professionals?

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If you are heating Kelowna on a regular basis, you should have the filter of your heat pump changed frequently, about once in a month. However,heating Kelowna periodically could require you to probably replace your heat pump’s filter about once in every three months. It is also very vital that you keep coils and fans clean and free from debris, an operation that you can do by yourself.

While heating Kelowna, the most important service that you can give to your heat pump is having it inspected regularly by a professional, say once every year or two.Heating Kelowna is associated with a number of common problems that are inevitable with heat pumps. Some of these include leaky or noisy ducts, low airflow, temperature problems, grinding noises, squeaks, use of the wrong refrigerant charge and rattles.

Heating Kelowna and bearing in mind that you are not mechanically inclined, it means that you should not dare to do any kind of work repair on your heat pump. A good reason why a professional is needed is due to the fact that heat pumps contain hazardous materials and as a matter of fact, a chemical leak may put you into a big trouble and again you can easily get injured while handling a broken device. Maintaining and repairing a heat pump requires one to understand the technology used in the pump’s system, a requirement that can only be met by a fully competent professional. More advantages of professional heat pump repair and maintenance while heating Kelowna include:Greater efficiency of your heat pump. Fewer repairs. Minimal impact on the environment. Lower energy costs. Longevity of your system. Increased comfort. Consistent and high quality operation, and don’t forget the associated peace of mind.

Being sure that your heat pump system is working efficiently and is well maintained reduces your list of worries. Heating Kelowna offers you with a number of professionals whom you can contact for acquisition of their services and have your heat pump checked by experts. Heating Kelowna professional contractors are only a phone call away, an email away or just a click on their online directory and you can be assured of quality maintenance services for your heat pump. In conclusion therefore, if you have been heating Kelowna, it is almost impossible to overemphasize just how indispensable regular and consistent, professional maintenance is for your heat pump system.

How do we know if our house needs a humidifier or not?

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A humidifier is an instrument designed to put more moisture into air. On the other hand, a dehumidifier is an instrument that removes moisture from air. A humidifier is ideal for use during winter periods because during this season, the weather is dry and cold heaters tent to make room air very dry.

The amount of moisture in your room can be measured by a hygrometer. This is the best and efficient instrument which one can use to measure the level of humidity in a house. However, there are some clues that one can observe in order to determine whether or not to use a humidifier. These clues includes: dry cracked lips, dry eyes, dry skin, coughing, sore throat, dry cracking furniture, cracking of wooden musical instruments, static electricity, reduced cases of asthma manifestation among asthmatic individuals, loosening and popping out of wooden chair.

These signs are explained in details below:
Dry cracked lips: Sometimes, the lips may become dry and crack. This is normally as a result of low moisture content in air. The lips dry as result of the moist saliva wetted on the lips evaporates faster leaving the lips dry. When this is observed in winter, then one has to consider using a humidifier.

Dry skins: our skins are moist when it is hot. As result of this condition is affected with low humidity making the skin dry. Therefore, should one experience dry skin, it is high time to use a humidifier.

Dry eyes: Eyes are always moist due to the presence of tears and other fluid. In the case of low humidity, these fluids are lost making eyes dry. It is thus important to consider this sign and use your humidifier to increase humidity in your room.

Coughing and sore throats: Low moisture makes the throat to dry causing irritations that leads to coughing. Frequent coughs which are as result of irritating throats are as a result of less moisture in air. When you experience this, consider using the humidifier.

Dry cracking furniture: This can be observed on the surfaces of wooden furniture which develop cracks and lines of weakens that happens at lower humidity cases.

State electricity: This is observed when undressing clothes; you see sparks. The case can be witnessed when you experience shocks while walking on the carpet. In this case, a humidifier will be appropriate to use.
Reduced manifestation of Asthma among asthmatic: Asthma is highly chronic during wet and cold seasons. Sometimes, asthmatic individuals stay during winter seasons without suffering from the disease. This is an advantage to them but can be as well be a sign to alert you should to humidify your room using your humidifier.

Cracking of wooden instruments: Wooden instrument like bamboo will break and crack at the time of low moisture in air. Should a wooden instrument in your room crack, then consider using the humidifier. As much as these signs depicts low levels of humidity in air, the only reliable instrument that can best measure the mount of moisture in air is hygrometer.

Dehumidifiers can be used in a case where humidity is high .In this scenario, a humidifier will not be used i.e. during summer.

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