Furnace Buying Tips

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Choosing a furnace for your property is not very difficult. The following are some features that you should look for when purchasing a furnace.
1. The type of furnace you want- Gas or Electric
The Gas Furnace
The gas furnace is usually more affordable to use as compared to electric furnace where gas is always available. However, burning fuel normally generates fumes. In a well-maintained gas furnace, the fumes that are generated are enclosed in the exchanger and then leave the house through exhaust vents.
Gas furnaces should be checked by a qualified expert at least once a year. The expert would check the furnace for leaks, holes or cracks. A crack or break in the furnace allows carbon monoxide to seep into the house.
The Electric Furnace
Electric furnaces have a higher cost as compared to gas furnaces. However, since electric furnaces don’t use flames, they do not generate any harmful carbon monoxide. The electric furnaces are cleaner and safer than the gas furnaces.
2. The Quality of the Furnace
The quality of your furnace determines how well and long it will work. Choosing a brand of furnace which has a history of reliability and quality will be less costly in the long run. Ask the contractor about the brand that will be optimal for your requirements. A free estimate for the acquisition and installation are available in various companies.
3. The Comfort features of furnaces
Many furnaces offer features that increase efficiency and comfort.
a. The features of a two-speed furnace
The furnace can work at low speed most of the time. This allows for a quieter operation for a longer period of time as compared to ‘single-speed furnaces’. The longer run time allow for fewer stop/start cycles, less drafts, and little temperature variance.
The temperature swing is usually limited to around 2 degrees compared to the 4 degree variance of single-speed units. The two-speed unit provides better circulation that prevents the warm air from rising and the cool air from settling down. The two-speed units give a more consistent temperature in the room.
b. The features of a variable-capacity furnace
A furnace with variable capacity provides a combination of comfort and efficiency. The variable-capacity normally has a motor which regulates the user needs by automatically adjusting the speed and air volume. The var-cap furnace offers the most efficient cooling and heating.
A fan usually comes with the var-cap furnace. The fan can reduce the user cost during summer. If the fan runs throughout summer, the central air conditioning unit will increase in efficiency.
4. The furnace noise level
Unfortunately, all furnaces don’t come with a standard rating system for the sound unlike air conditioners and heat pumps. Although, var-cap units and two-speed units normally operate at a low noise levels.
The var-cap furnaces and two-speed run for a longer period and lower sounds as compared to the standard unit. Some var-cap units have features that prevent

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