Heating Kelowna Ensures Regular Heat Pump Care by Trained Professional

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Kelowna is situated on Okanagan Lake in Canada, and because the city has a climate made up of dry, sunny Summers and cold, overcast winters, the people appreciate having heat pumps, whether air-source or geothermal, which provide both heating and cooling. This ensures their all-round comfort no matter the time of year. Heating Kelowna is all about selecting a heat pump which will suit the size of your home, has excellent efficiency ratings, is the right size for your home, is selected from a well known and reliable brand and from a reputable company who will ensure a faultless installation.  Proper installations and annual maintenance services are actually becoming a necessity for validity of manufacturers warranties.

Efficiency is Reduced without Regular Maintenance
A faultless installation equals less maintenance. Heating Kelowna experts know that heat pumps are complex systems; requiring proper installation to avoid costly repairs. Most of the leading brand manufacturers will suggest you take out an annual maintenance and inspection contract with them which will ensure minimum repair costs and also increase the life-span of the heat pump.

Some Repairs can be Done by Yourself
Technicians will advise homeowners on how to refer to the booklet which comes with the new appliance before calling for professional help. Homeowners will be able to find out how to keep compressor coils and filters clean, how to ensure the right refrigerant is used and how to check for duct-work leaks and electrical connections.  This ultimately leads to long-life and minimal repair costs. A reputable company always has licensed and certified technicians who understand air source and ductless heat pump systems and who understand how important it is for a proper installation and for efficient and regular maintenance checks.  It is important therefore that the heat pump be installed in such a way so that a technician has room to work on the unit. Heating Kelowna specialists will ensure that with proper maintenance your heat pump should last for some 20 to 30 years.

Choose Heat pumps which are Energy Efficient
Using a heat pump in Canada as part of your heating and cooling system can cut your heating costs, more so when you have an energy efficient heat pump.  Heat pumps have a reversing valve which moves heat from inside your home to the outside for cooling purposes. When the reverse happens, heat is removed from outside the house to indoors and is in heating mode. Higher efficiency means lower energy costs in the long run if your heat pump is in good repair.
Canadian regulations require that all new heat pumps have a SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of at least 13.0, however there are heat pumps which have a SEER rating of 21. Bear in mind that the cooling- and heating efficiency of an air-source heat pump for instance will be affected by the choice of features of the heat pump.  Efficiency is limited if your home has leaks and heating Kelowna maintenance contracts ensure heat pumps remain constantly energy efficient.

Contractors Often Use a Point System for Fault Checking
It is unusual for clients to have problems with a good brand heat pump, and an annual maintenance check; often on a point heat pump inspection system to ensure thoroughness, is included in service contracts to ensure the heat pump runs at maximum efficiency while you are its satisfied owner.

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