Furnace Service and Repair Kelowna

When the weather outside turns cold, homeowners count on their furnace to keep their family warm and comfortable.  If your home heating system is not working at its full capacity – or worse – is not working at all, you need expert HVAC technicians to get it repaired quickly and efficiently.

If your heating system is less than 15 years old, it should be able to heat your home effectively.  If you are noticing that your furnace is working harder than usual to maintain the same temperature, is unable to maintain a consistent temperature, or is not coming on at all, you are in need of a service visit.  We will conduct a full diagnostic review of your furnace to detect any issues and will ensure that it is repaired with the most up to date equipment and technology.  We will also assess any carbon monoxide concerns as well with the comfort and safety of your family in mind.

Furnace repairs

Common Furnace Problems

Your furnace is comprised of many parts that work together to burn gas and force the resulting warmed air throughout your home.  As such, whether from age or lack of maintenance, many issues can arise.  Some common ones are:

  • Faulty Thermostat. If your temperature control hasn’t been accurate, or if your fan is not working properly, you may have a problem with your thermostat.  This can often be a quick and cost efficient fix that restores your furnace to its proper working condition.
  • Ignition issues. Whether you have a pilot light or an electric ignition, this first step in the home heating process is essential to a properly functioning furnace.   Simply put – if your ignition isn’t working, you won’t have heat.
  • Blower malfunction. If the blower on your furnace runs without heat or continues to run after the heating cycle is complete, you will need to have it repaired or replaced in order for your furnace to operate effectively.
  • Mechanical issues. Noisy operation of your furnace could indicate mechanical issues that are in need of professional attention.  Delaying a service call for these types of problems could result in a costly furnace repair down the road.
  • Dirty or clogged filters. Filters that are past their shelf life, or are in need of cleaning, can often cause air flow problems throughout the home.  If this is the issue with your furnace, we can get your furnace in tip top shape and develop a maintenance plan to prevent any problems going forward.

No matter what the problem, our experienced technicians will conduct a full assessment of your furnace and all of its components.  We will address any current issues with your heating system, and make suggestions for repairs or maintenance that may be required in the near future.

Furnace and air conditioning repairs